26.20 Challenge

The 26.20 Challenge is an opportunity to fundraise and support the FEES Fund charity place at the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October. Our runners, Ben and Saskia are taking on their own challenge of running 26.2 miles and have already raised over £4000 for FEES Fund and completed hundreds of hours of training. Inspired by this, we have launched the 26.20 challenge.

What does it involve?

For a donation to FEES Fund of £26.20 (or as much as you like to donate of course!), we are inviting you to take on your own personal challenge during September. This can be anything that you’ve always wanted to try, or to do more regularly – it can be 26.2 minutes of bouncing, skipping, drawing, sewing, reading, meditating or it can 26.2 miles or kilometres – you choose!

You can do this as a daily challenge or broken into chunks over the course of the month or even shared between friends. The end of the challenge is the 3rd October – the day our runners take the start line.

Who can take part?

Anyone can join, please share what you are doing and inspire others to take on their own personal challenge, so we can raise more money for FEES fund and support even more young people to have lifechanging experiences.

We have set up a FEES Fund London Marathon page where you can donate your £26.20 or ask others to sponsor you for that amount. 


FF 20.26 Challenge Instagram Post (2).png

When can I start?

As soon as you like! Checklist below to help you get started …

  1. Choose your challenge and donate your £26.20 to FEES Fund 

  2. Tell everyone you know what you are doing, and ask if they want to join you on their own 26.20 challenge

  3. Tag @feesfund on Instagram using the hashtag #2620challenge

  4. Share your challenge online using #2620challenge, what’s app groups, social media etc and include the fundraising link. 

  5. The 26.20 challenge will finish on 3rd October 2021 when Ben and Saskia take to the start line.