Applying as an organisation on behalf of a 7-25 year old

I have completed the eligibility criteria form and attach a copy

Please add the details of the 7-25-year-old you are applying on behalf of, please include;

their name and age

details of the activity/project

the cost and date the activity will take place

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Tell us how the funding will enrich learning and support the development of new skills? (100 words)

Tell us what you envisage the impact of the funding to be on the young person? (100 words)

Tell us what inspired you to sponsor a FEES Fund application on behalf of the young person named above

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Further information will be sent to you If your application is successful. This will include a request for the bank details of your organisation. We will then manage the transfer of funds directly.

As part of maintaining our charitable status we will also send you a short impact report to complete.

Thank you for submitting your application. We will be in touch!