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Fi's Enrichment Education Support (FEES) Fund

Registered charity: 1182839

London Marathon 2024

Fi's uncle, Tony, is running the marathon on the 21st April - it also happens to be the day he officially becomes an OAP. You can read his story and donate here

FEES Fund provides opportunities for children and young people's aspirations to grow and develop


We are a registered charity awarding grants to organisations and individuals so children and young people can take part in extracurricular activities. We aim to part remove financial barriers, 

support skills development, 

build confidence, resilience and raise aspirations. 


Fiona Braidwood known as Fi lived life to the full. She loved learning and is the inspiration for FEES Fund. Her life was cut short when she died in March 2016 in a car accident close to home aged 17. Out of such sadness a momentum built for something positive to help keep her sparkle and energy present into the future.


Funding is available to individuals aged between 7 - 25 years old. Over 18s can make their own applications. Advocates and organisations that provide enrichment, education support activities can apply on behalf of individuals aged between 7 – 25.

You can read more about FEES Fund and Fi to help you write your application. If you would like to apply, please complete the eligibility checklist and application form and check the FAQ before submitting. 

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