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Promoting Grant Applications from your Organisation

Do you know a child or young person aged between 7 – 25 who would benefit from taking part in an enrichment education activity but money in the family can’t currently stretch to paying for the activity? Fees Fund might be able to help.


FEES Fund is a registered education charity set up in memory of Fiona (Fi) Braidwood. Fi died in a car accident in March 2016 just before her 18th Birthday. Her family and friends actively fundraise in her memory, and have set up the trust fund, which awards grants three times a year. Fi’s love of learning, benefited greatly from the opportunity to take part in enrichment education support activities both in the community where she lived, and at the schools she attended.


Research shows there are many benefits for children and young people who take part in extracurricular activities. Such activities can result in improved education outcomes, the building of social and emotional skills and improved social inclusion particularly when children from disadvantaged backgrounds take part.


How to apply


FEES Fund provides grants to enable children and young to take part in extracurricular activities. FEES Fund grants have funded music lessons, swim camps, musical theatre opportunities, funding for outdoor adventure, scout-based activities, mountain biking, forest school activities, gardening, maths clubs, foreign travel and trips. FEES Fund pay grants directly to the enrichment activities providers, so it’s important to tell us in the application where the activity will take place, the cost of the activity and a contact person in the organisation for FEES Fund trustees to liaise with around the payment of the grant.


There are three application options. It is possible for an organisation which provides enrichment activities to apply on behalf of a child or young person, or for the application to be made directly by a young person if they are over 18, or by a parent, advocate or sponsor if the individual is under 18. All applications require the support of a sponsor or an advocate who can provide a brief supporting statement around the envisaged outcome / benefits that will be gained by taking part in the extracurricular activity. If grants are successfully awarded FEES Fund also ask for a brief impact report to be provided by the sponsor once the extracurricular activity has taken place to be used as part of FEES Fund charity reporting and compliance.


Please can you circulate information around FEES Fund grants within your networks to help encourage applications. The closing date for the next grant application is Friday 30 September 2022.

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