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Fi's Legacy

Every day we are reminded of Fi, she lives on in our hearts and is inspiring us everyday

Visit Fi at Banwell churchyard

Fi's grave is always covered in flowers, plants, hearts, candles and cards. It is beautiful and a lovely spot to reflect and think of Fi.  

The sun and the sky

Fi loved sunsets, we have been sent photos from around the world of beautiful sunsets with messages of how they are thinking of Fi. 

Mikie's poem:

It was a brisk spring morning. There was nobody to see except for the birds sleeping on the beach.  The clouds were dark, the light was grey and the sun had gone some would say. 


The crash of the incoming tide and the chill of the wind awoke the birds from their delightful dreams. The surf swelled and the white horses quickened in pace. The birds were scared, as they could not escape. They said “Fly”, but is was too late. The foul stench of the ocean had engulfed them in its wake. 

The never ending crashes of the white caps pounding the birds into the depths of the marine. The birds panicked flapping their wings, but the water was too strong for everyone it seemed. 


Tom's song

Fi's cousin Tom's has written a song to help him understand Fi's death, A beautiful and fitting tribute to Fi.

Undecided yet - Tom Renwick
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Auntie Maureen's poem

Fi's great aunt has written a poem for Fi, read her words and think of lovely Fi.

Fi, wish you were here, to see everyone's aim

To do something special, all in your name

From Banwell to Durham, in Scotland and school

Ripples widely spreading, you the pebble in the pool

You are heading a bursary, building the means

Enabling students to follow their dreams

Donating your organs, how foreseeing you were

Your presence is everywhere. We feel You are Here.

Except for one, who managed to escape. She was small and brave but looked opaque. She flew high into the sky, a single tear fell from her eye. She didn’t look back as she knew there would be nothing to see except for the baron wasteland, which was the sea. 

Although it may have been her darkest hour, she realised not all was lost. She had her life and a world of possibilities. She wanted to explore the skies, seeing a sunset and a moonrise. She knew now she had the gift of the present and did not want to have the weight of the past on her wings. Without this load she felt light and free, ready to set off for an adventure of a life time it would seem.

Art and nature

Fi's friends have used their passions for art to pay tribute to her. Her friend Tom, has carved a slate memorial stone and planted a tree for Fi at Banwell Castle. Fi's favourite music was Ed Sheeran, so we think she would approve of being remembered at the castle on the hill. 


Friends have also remembered Fi by having tattoos done with her name and wearing Fi angels as their necklace. 

Another poem by Mikie

Sometimes the bird isn't fast enough to beat the sunset 
Sometimes the bird doesn't beat the moon to the sky 
Sometimes the bird flys alone across the vast ocean 
Sometimes but not all the time. 

Sometimes the bird feels heavy like it is wearing a vest of chain mail 
Sometimes the stars don't light up the sky to guide the bird home 
Sometimes the valleys are too deep to cross 
Sometimes but not all the time. 

Sometimes the monsters in the corner is too scary to face 
Sometimes the clouds are to big and the storms are too great 
And sometimes you just don't want to
Sometimes but not all the time. 

However sometimes a light appears in the dark to show a faint path 
Sometimes when you think you're alone a hand appears 
Sometimes in your hour of need the sun rises and the surf settles 
And you realise you are never alone friends and family and always near saying 
"Never live your life with fear because we are are always here".

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