Organ donation

Fi's amazing gift, told by Fi's parents

Fi joined the Organ Donation register at 14 years old when she attended a talk at school. This encouraged her to register and most importantly she let us know very clearly her wishes.

As parents we both remember her coming down stairs to tell us what she had just done. There were many follow up conversations in which she would say “Why wouldn’t you do it if you can save someone’s life – it’s not like you are going to need those organs anymore” – in the matter of fact way that Fi would tackle a lot of difficult issues.

Southmead Hospital March 2016

It was truly the worst day – to arrive at the hospital and be told that her head injury was not survivable. The difficult messages were delivered with care and compassion by the hospital staff. The team that cared for Fi were very skilled and professional and we will forever be grateful for the high quality care the Fi received, along with the kindness shown to us on that dreadful day.

Fi donating her organs has created a lasting legacy, it provides a voice for Fi. Like Fi was influenced that day at school, we know she can now influence others to do the right thing, register for organ donation and so bestow an incredible gift that will transform the lives of others.

If you would like to read more about Organ Donation, please visit NHS Blood and Transplant