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FAQs - Glossary of Terms 

What do you mean by “money being tight”?

FEES Fund wants to help young people who wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for the activity otherwise. Please only apply if this is the case.

What constitutes an extra-curricular activity?

These activities cannot be part of a typical school [EB1] day or university or college course. Typical activities include sports, music, arts, social clubs, hobbies, travel and outdoor adventure


What is an enrichment activity?

The activities should bring enrichment through providing new learning experiences that help build confidence, promote resilience, develop skills or talent and enable the young person to follow a passion.


What is a one-off activity?

FEES Fund does not fund activities that have no end date. For example, grants could be made for a specified number of guitar lessons but not continuous music support.

What are named organisations?

FEES Fund does not pay money to individuals but will pay the organisation where the activity takes place direct. You will need to specify the organisation details on your application



Who are advocates?

This individual is an adult who is applying on behalf of a young person between the age of 7 and 25. For example, you could be a teacher, a parent, guardian, or friend. You will need to specify the organisation where the activity takes place and fill in the application on the young person’s behalf.



Who are sponsors?

This individual will need to work at the organisation where the activity takes place. For example, you could be a coach, a Scout Leader or work in a charity. The individual will need to validate that the young person meets the criteria for FEES Fund grants.

Grants cannot be awarded to pay for school or university fees or to cover long term or ongoing activity costs.​  

I am over 18, how do I apply?

Please complete the over 18 application form, and use the FAQ document to check you have included all the information we require to consider your application. 

I am under 18 how do I apply?

If you are under 18 you will need an adult to support your application and act as a sponsor for us to liaise with on your behalf. Please ask your sponsor to complete the under 18 application form and include their name and what their relationship is to you.

I am part of an organisation, how do I apply?

If you are part of an organisation that supports young people to engage in enrichment or education support activities, you can apply for funds to extend your current provision or make it accessible to children and young people from low-income families to attend.

Applications from organisations need to include the value added by FEES Fund, identifying what is made possible due to the FEES Fund grant funding.  

Can I apply on behalf of someone else?

If you think FEES Fund could fund an opportunity for someone you know, you can apply on their behalf. However, please let them know and ask for their permission before applying as you will need to provide FEES Fund with their name and personal information.

What information do I need to include in my application?

Applications need to be specific and detail how much is requested and the predicted outcome linking to FEES Fund charitable purpose and values. 

Please include as much information as possible on your application form:-

  • Your name, age, email address (if you are under 18, please add your sponsor's name and email address, and what your relationship is with them).

  • How much you would like to apply for

  • What you would like to use the funding for

  • Details of who will act as a reference for your application

  • If you are nominating someone else, please tell us why you are nominating them and what has inspired you to apply on their behalf. Please also tell us that you have asked for their permission.

  • How Fi and the charity set up in her memory has inspired you. We are keen that in making an application to the fund, that you feel part of the very special community that surrounds FEES fund and gain a sense of kindness that surrounds the fund raising activities. 

Please also tell us if we can use your details and photos in our marketing, social media and promotion materials


What will yommunity you are part of. 

Why do I need to update you with how the funding has made an impact on my life?

This is linked to our charitable purpose; we are interested to hear how the grant awarded has helped build new skills, extend your interests, change your outlook and perceptions, lifestyle and ambitions. Trustees are accountable to the founders and the charity commission, and we need to review our purpose on an annual basis. An update from you would help us evaluate if we are working inline with FEES Fund aims, objectives and values.

Are there ways I can stay in touch with FEES Fund?

Please complete the privacy questions indicating that you are happy for FEES Fund to hold your details on our charity database. We will send you newsletters and updates.

We will ask your permission to share your story in our marketing, social media and promotion materials to help encourage future fund raising and grant applications.

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