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Swim Serpentine - 16 September 2023

A team of ten FEES Fund supporters including four of our Trustees are taking part in Swim Serpentine 2023 to raise awareness for FEES Fund and encourage applications for grants. You can read more about the challenge in Vicki's blog.

If you would like to make a donation and show your support, you can use our WE SWIM FOR FI fundraising page.

FEES Fund grants are available for children and young people aged between 7- 25 to take part in enrichment education support activities (including undertaking personal challenges!)


FEES Fund grants aim to spread kindness by addressing financial barriers and creating opportunities for children and young people, previously excluded because family finances are  tight, so they CAN take part.


FEES Fund grants have been awarded to raise aspirations and build ‘communities of support’ for children.  This has included grants for music lessons, outdoor activities, gardening clubs, maths clubs,  gym competitions, swimming lessons and swim camps, school and university trips to other countries, ballet summer camps.


Find out how to apply on our website page.

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