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How to apply

FEES Fund will provide financial help through a grant making process, so that children and young people aged between the age of 7 – 25 can engage in enrichment activities. 


Application Forms

We now have a useful checklist that you can use to ensure you are eligible for funding.

Please complete the checklist before filling in the relevant application form. If you answer yes to all the questions on the checklist, please apply using the relevant application form.


In your application, we want to know how Fi has inspired you to apply. Please look at the photos and information on the Fi - our inspiration page to get to know her and to understand why we have established FEES Fund. Think about what our values mean to you as you write your application Opportunity, Aspiration, Kindness, Community. 

Tell us what you want to use the money for and how much you think you will need. We don't have endless amounts, but it would be good to know all of your aspirations, even if we can't fund the whole amount initially.

Please share with us how the funding will enrich your learning and how it will support the development of any new skills you learn as a result. What difference will the funding make to you and what outcome do you want to achieve? Tell us your dreams.

The aim of the fund is to inspire you, like Fi has inspired all of us. We have shared Fi's story and would like to share your story. Please tell us if you would be happy to share your FEES Fund experience to support future fund-raising activities and awareness of FEES Fund.


Please complete the relevant checklist and application form depending on if you are applying for yourself, or if you are either an organisation or an individual applying on behalf of someone else. You can also refer to the FAQ to check you have included all the information we require, to consider your application for funds.

Can I apply for funding for my organisation?

FEES fund grants are aimed at individuals.  An application can be made by an organisation on behalf of an individual - see u18-apply-as-an-organisation However, FEES fund are always keen to hear from organisations that provide extracurricular, community based, enrichment activities.  


A small amount of funding is available for organisations who would like to work in partnership with FEES fund to help promote awareness of FEES fund and encourage applications to enable us to reach more children and young people.  Previous examples have included funding team shirts which include FEES fund as a shirt sponsor.  


Please use our website contact form if you have an idea for collaboration that may require a small amount of funding and one of our trustees can discuss this further with you.

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