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Fi's Enrichment Education Support (FEES) Fund

in memory of Fiona Braidwood

What our organisation does

We provide grants, so that children and young people aged between the age of 7 – 25 can engage in enrichment activities that will support a love of learning 

 Our Vision 

Building confidence, resilience and creating opportunities by removing financial barriers, enabling children and young people to take part in extracurricular enrichment activities that will support a love of learning. 

Our Values 

  • We believe in creating opportunities for children and young people to try something new, build skills or follow a passion. 

  • That extra curricular activities are important for children and young people’s development and can help raise aspirations. 

  • That unexpected kindness at a point of need is a powerful thing having a ripple effect supporting a sense of belonging and community. 

Opportunity Aspiration Kindness Community

Our Activities 

  • Fundraising in memory of Fiona Braidwood 

  • Providing grants to individuals for specific purposes 

  • Providing grants to organisations so they can extend their enrichment education support activities

Our inspiration 

Fiona Braidwood’s unexpected death in March 2016 aged 17 from a car accident close to home (Banwell, North Somerset), left her family, friends and community shocked and deeply upset. An outpouring of kindness and love followed, which included a coming together and a momentum for something positive to come out of such sadness. 


Many people loved Fi and had contributed to her upbringing, helping her to explore her talents, build her confidence and resilience. It takes a whole community to raise a child. Fi was fortunate to be part of a very special community in Banwell, North Somerset.

Read more about Fi in the 'Love Fi' section 


Fi engaged in many enrichment education support activities that helped to nurture her love of learning. We want to remove financial barriers, create opportunities to learn something new, develop a talent further and help young people in realising their potential.

Please see the application form and read our FAQ for further information. 

Meet the Trustees 

Vicki Caldwell (Fi's mum) 


I am so proud to be a Trustee of FEES Fund. As a family it’s been important to keep Fi’s positive energy present in our lives. I know Fi would approve of a Trust Fund which aims to create opportunities and make learning fun.


As I social worker who is currently working in higher education at the open university (you can read my OU professional profile here) I have seen the ripple effect enrichment activities can have on individuals, families and communities. Promoting resilience and resourcefulness. Thank you for getting involved and supporting FEES Fund. You can read Vicki's bio here.

Jane Gomm

Julie Atherton


I was honoured to be asked to be a trustee of FEES Fund. I am a family friend but also with a background in Scouting, which Fi was also a part of. I am a trainer for the Ten Tors Challenge held on Dartmoor and, every year, I see for myself what outdoor education and challenge can do to young people's confidence and self reliance.

After Fi died I started a community walking group. As a health care professional I recognise the benefits of walking and talking, on physical and mental health. A real community has developed around our ‘walking for Fi’ challenges 

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 14.57.35.png

I love to travel, visit the theatre, go hiking and wild swimming, and see live music. For many young people these experiences are unimaginable because their families just cannot afford those extra opportunities. FEES Fund exists to make these types of activities possible and enable young people’s lives to be enriched and their confidence grow.

As a family friend, I am proud to be a trustee, and as a marketing consultant I want to ensure everyone who needs FEES Fund hears about us and gets involved. You can read Julie’s bio here.

Jane Eales


I have been overwhelmed with the care that has been shown to our family since Fi died and as a trustee I want to ensure I pass on that kindness. 

Being an Aunty to Fi and my other nephews and nieces, I have seen first hand the value in providing enrichment activities for young people, I know it is just what Fi would want.

Laura Stobo


I am extremely proud to be part of the group of trustees ensuring that the legacy of my very special cousin lives on through FEES Fund.  I live near Glasgow with my young family and my role is to represent FEES Fund in Scotland, Fi was half Scottish and therefore it was important to us that FEES fund has a presence in Scotland.

Andrea Arlidge


I am very proud to be a trustee of the fund and to be part of such a special group of friends. Fi touched the lives of so many people in our community and we are determined to make sure her legacy gives opportunity and inspiration to others.

Jo Macleod


Helen Caldwell

Phoebe Wall


I feel very proud to be a Trustee of Fees Fund.  I was one of Fi’s scout leaders and my own children grew up with Fi and her brother and sister. From both scouting and my work in education finance, I have seen the benefit that extra-curricular activities can bring to children. I oversee the Trust’s financial responsibilities and work hard to ensure the funds raised from our wonderful and generous supporters benefit as many young people as possible.

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