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Walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks in May, to publicise Fi’s Enrichment Education Support (FEES) fund

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Our story ... 

So, the weekend of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge has finally arrived. Our group are busy shopping, packing and getting everything ready.

Those dreams where I have forgotten my boots and usual walking kit have been more vivid over the last week, and have helped me to recognise how nervous and unsure I am feeling at this point.

I’ve questioned myself a number of times, if I will really be able to complete this gruelling 24 mile walk over 12 hours? Let me repeat to myself again, is this challenge, Three Peaks really to be conquered in such a short time? With the descents as challenging as the up? Am I fit enough? If only I had made time for more training ... the panic could really begin to set in, as I start questioning my ability.

Deep (yoga) breaths help me to remember my intention, and why we are doing this. The challenge is an amazing opportunity. Walking in beautiful countryside with my friends, why be nervous? The last 28 mile training walk completed, shows how far my hope and aspiration to undertake this challenge is close to being realised.

I couldn’t have got this far without the support and kindness of my wonderful walking friends. They have encouraged me and been generous in sharing their expertise with planning, organising and sharing the responsibility to make sure we are ready.

What a very special walking community we have created as we prepare to undertake this challenge together.

Fi would be very proud of us, but I think she would have other ways of marking her 21st Birthday, that would have been in May this year ...

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