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Fi Angel Competition 


If you are aged between 4 and 11 years old we hope you will enter our competition!


Following the success of last years competition, we hope more schools and community groups will help with promoting and encouraging children to enter.

You can take part in the competition at home, in school or in an after-school activity setting. The competition will be open to children aged 4 - 11 years old and will be based around the core values of FEES Fund:





To enter the competition, children will be invited to produce and submit one of the following:

  • A Picture or piece of art work (Submitted as a photo rather than the actual piece)

  • A poem (200 words max.)

  • A story (500 words max.)

Their work should be inspired by the story of A girl called Fi and how they can help when people are feeling sad.

A girl called Fi ADD LINK

Please share the Fi Angel story and encourage children you work with or know to enter the 2022 FEES Fund competition by either creating either a Fi Angel picture, story or poem about a Fi angel adventure.


The competition  will run in two age group categories:

1. Age 4 – 7

2. Age 8 – 11

There will be an overall winner and two runners-up in each category. The winner will receive a Fi Angel and a £20 gift voucher with a £10 gift voucher and Fi angel for the runners-up. All entrants will receive a FEES Fund certificate to recognise their efforts.

The deadline for receipt of entries is 20th May 2022

You can see some entries from our 2021 competition here.

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