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Have you got a marathon in you?

If so we’d love you to apply to run the 2022 London Marathon for FEES Fund.

Apply by 21:00 on Friday 8th October

Read on for inspiration…

Ben and Saskia our 2021 FEES Fund Runners

This year we won two ballot places in the London Marathon and Ben and Saskia ran 26.20 miles for us. We were so proud of them, but they also inspired our trustees and supporters to create their own 26.20 challenges. My challenge was to swim 26.20 miles!

I did it! I completed my FEES Fund 26.20 challenge

I did it! I swam a Marathon. 26 (plus 2) days in the pool swimming a mile a day. Some days I swam way over the 64 lengths needed to make up the mile and a few days I was a little under. All recorded on my Fitbit in case anyone wants to see the hard evidence and review the stats. Be warned there a couple of days when I failed to press finish so swim time continues to be recorded while in the showers and changing rooms. Another day my Fitbit seemed to lose the swim facility so that day my swim was recorded as a run! All my marathon swims took place at Hutton Moor - the pool where Fi learnt to swim and worked at a life guard. She had been at Hutton Moor at staff training just before her accident so it felt fitting and special to complete my Marathon challenge at a place where I could also be close to Fi.

I feel proud of completing my 26.20 FEES Fund challenge just before going on holiday and a week before the London Marathon. I loved every minute of it. I was able to track that my swim mile got quicker and easier as I got fitter. The time taken to complete the challenge became an important self-care routine. I definitely experienced the benefits of improved energy levels and mood over the month.

Thank you to our supporters

Thank you to each and everyone who got involved and supported FEES Fund during the 26.20 challenge. The Trustees have loved hearing about all the very special and personal challenges that have been taking place across the country. From walking, running, reading, cycling, hula hooping, meditations, beach walking and podcast recording. Young and old have got involved in supporting our two FEES Fund London marathon runners and together we raised over £5000 since 2020 to provide extra-curricular enrichment activities to young people who otherwise would miss out.

FEES Fund is all about kindness, community, aspiration and opportunity and so it’s great that Ben and Saskia felt the love and the community of support we built as we set them on their way on Sunday. This is the message they sent after completing the London Marathon in support of FEES Fund.

To all Fees Fund Trustees, donators and supporters. It has been a great honour to run the London Marathon for Fees Fund. The togetherness which we experienced over the weekend has been overwhelming and inspiring. This is really you all should be proud of. This is what it made it so special. We will never forget. Thank you so much for all your incredible support. With love. Saskia and Ben

Didn’t they do well.

Feel inspired? You can do it too

I was inspired on Sunday watching the London marathon. What an incredible event for FEES Fund to be part of. All of the values of FEES fund were evident. So much kindness, a real community spirit, the aspirations and opportunities realised through taking part in the challenge. I do hope FEES Fund will be lucky enough to gain another small charity ballot place in the 2022 London Marathon taking place on 2nd Oct.

Would you like to run the London Marathon next year in support of FEES Fund? If you do, please apply for a ballot place to maximise FEES Fund chances of having runners next year. Entry closes at 21:00 on Friday 8th Oct.

Have you applied for your place yet? I have. I’m hoping the organisers will allow me to complete a mile a day over 26 (plus 2) days like my marathon swim! 🤞

Vicki is Fi’s Mum and a founding trustee of FEES Fund which was set up in memory of her daughter. The charity provides funds for young people to be able to access extra-curricular activities that they normally couldn’t afford, helping build their confidence, aspirations and opportunities through kindness and community.[JA5]

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